Driver Updater Promo

Promotional video of the Carambis software product

Project Information
  • Customer: Carambis
  • Website:
  • Category: 3D
  • Delivery time:  2 month
Project website →
Used software
  • Logo 3ds Max
  • Logo Photoshop
  • Logo After Effects
  • Logo Fusion
  • Logo FL Studio

The challenge was to create engaging and catchy video that briefly describing the main functions of the driver updating software, its benefits and features. The movie was opened and at the same time unobtrusive to encourage the viewer to acquire the software.


For solving this problem a creative approach was chosen. When the scenario and highlights of the video were agreed and approved with the customer, the main work started . We simulated a situation, demonstrating the possible problems of digital devices usage, and explained how the software helps to eliminate them. The video was accompanied by a voice-over narration, that helps to understand what is happening on the screen at the moment.

Design process
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