Photo Trip Promo

Commercial video for the software product of the Carambis company.

Project Information
  • Customer: Carambis
  • Website:
  • Category: 3D
  • Delivery time:  2 month
Project website →
Used software
  • Logo 3ds Max
  • Logo Photoshop
  • Logo After Effects
  • Logo Fusion
  • Logo FL Studio

We were tasked with creating a spectacular video for a software product, that will demonstrate the main functionality of the program and how it simplifies the process of storing and sorting photos.


At the script writing stage, it was decided not to skimp on the visual effects and try to make the video dynamic and eventful. In the end, all the ideas embedded in the scenarios were successfully implemented and the customer has received the product exceeding his expectations.

Design process
  • wip
  • wip
  • wip
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