Commercial video for DDoS-GUARD

A short film, sponcored by the DDos-GUARD Inc

Project Information
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Used software
  • Logo Maya
  • Logo Photoshop
  • Logo After Effects
  • Logo Fusion
  • Logo FL Studio

We were faced with the task to develope very complexed animation video in a medieval setting with a lot of characteres involved. The main goal of this clip is to maintain a high end status of the company at the world arena.


During the working procces we were trying to pay as mush attention as we can to the characters developing, to make them look realistic and play their roles in the story in a best way. At the very beginning we pointed out the key moments in the script and decided to spend more efforts on them to achieve desirable effect. All the action is running to the accompaniment of the original soundtrack written especially for this project. It helps to to concentrate the viewer's attention in a specific moments and supports the overall mood. As the result we've got a complete product that matches the choosen setting and responds the original script as well as the client's requirements.