Commercial for H2O water park

A funny video of the popular water park

Project Information
  • Customer: H2O
  • Website:
  • Category: 2D
  • Delivery time:  3 week
Used software
  • Logo Photoshop
  • Logo After Effects

The main challenge concludes in a creation a short and dynamic video, that will attract visitors in high season. The use of the existing character was one of the customer's special wishes. The choice of the General mood as well as writing the script was entrusted to our Studio. The work was carried out in a very short time.


The script and storyboard were completed according to all customer's wishes in just a few days. As the result, we've got bright and dynamic video, that has lots of funny moments and illustrates different Water Park's locations. The specified limitations of the timing and terms of execution were not violated.

Design process
  • wip
  • wip
  • wip
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