Information Video for WMD.RU

Video describes the main features of working with the service

Project Information
  • Customer: WMD
  • Website:
  • Category: 2D, 3D
  • Delivery time:  3 month
Used software
  • Logo 3ds Max
  • Logo Photoshop
  • Logo After Effects

The client required a video presentation of a network equipment service, that can be a universal tool of demonstration it's advantages for the potential clients and partners, native and foreign. The video must be informative and go up with the current trends


For this project the Motion Graphics style was chosen. It is the most popular and inovative, and provides the best way to convey to the viewer a huge amount of information. During the work we caried about the balance between brightness of solutions and the restraint due to the format of the video.

Design process
  • wip
  • wip
  • wip
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